Math Resources! / Getting Extra Help Using Technology

This year, students have another resource for math help. It can be tough when you are absent or even when you sit through class but still leave with questions. Corvallis Math Videos is a website that teacher Cory Soulliard created to be a warehouse of videos that students can access from home or school. The website is a work in progress but currently has almost 100 videos organized by unit and learning target.

Right now, the videos are not created by Corvallis teachers but instead selected through searches on "The Internet is a great resource for math help - there is just so much out there," says Amy Hammill, math teacher at Corvallis. "We've taken the time to sort through the search results and find videos that are accurate and really on target with what we want the kids to do or understand."

Videos are currently available for topics in the Advanced Algebra and Calculus with more being added each week. "Students have always had and will have the opportunity to get help from real, live people during their school day and in the after school program, but this gives them the added benefit of getting to take the instruction home where they can even pause and rewind the help," says Hammill.

Click here for access to the Corvallis Math Videos page

  • School: High School
  • Date: November 2013