4th & 7th Grade Students / "Team Up - Think Big"

Press Release! - 4th & 7th Graders team up to think big

written by Michael M.

Corvallis, MT, January 22, 2014: If you walked into the Corvallis Middle School Commons on most days, you would find a bustling hallway with frantic kids trying to get to their next class. However, from 11:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M, you just might find something entirely different.

Mrs. Studer, a 4th grade teacher and Mrs. Duchien, a 7th grade teacher have created a program of pairing students together to collaborate in a short story creation. “”I like my partner and her friends a lot,” said Hailey Anderson, a 4th grade student. Perhaps that’s also what makes this program so special, with each student having the opportunity to make ideas heard.

The teachers are utilizing a program called Storybird, an online upstart company created by Mark Ury, a programmer and dad. A new Facebook and Twitter sensation, it helps people of all ages create their own picture books and publish them to Storybird’s website and in printed form. Also, Storybird is known for its fantastical picture selection and its collaborative environment, allowing both buddies to work on the story separately, and then discuss them.

“I liked it a lot because my partner was nice to me. He let me decide some of the parts and let me write some of it. It was a really fun story,” remarked an enthused Ella Dowd afterwards. The statement was echoed by many others in Mrs. Studer’s class, and a symbol of what’s to come. These students may just change the hustling and bustling Commons into a place where learning happens, and maybe, some kids’ days are changed.

  • School: Primary & Middle School
  • Date: January 2014