Mentors Make Magic Happen After School  / Corvallis After School Program

Maybe giant bubbles aren’t the first thing you would associate with a snowy winters day, but anything can happen when you mix one part science mentor enthusiast extraordinaire (John Springer), two parts giant bubble mixture, and a lot of inquisitive middle school students. This project is just one of the many wonderful things that happen when caring adults share their time and interests with our students in the After School Program. We were quite surprised to learn that dry cold days are the perfect time to make giant bubbles so we braved the cold and snow and were rewarded for our efforts with some pretty impressive bubbles.

We are so fortunate to have so many generous community members, such as Mr. Springer, sharing their skills and presence with us. Their support not only allows us to offer fun science experiments, (most recently glowing goo!), but also knitting, photography, cooking etc…But the most important thing these mentors give our children isn’t something tangible they can hang on their wall or wear when it’s cold outside, the best thing they give our students is the invaluable, thoughtful attention of another caring adult. Thank you to all our caring mentors!

  • School: Middle School
  • Date: April 2014