"Fish On!" / CHS Life Time Sports Students Hit the Waters

Life Time Sports students hit the waters last week catching trout and largemouth bass at the Hamilton Stock Farm. Many of the students caught their first fish ever and had a spectacular time in the process. Over sixty fish were caught on the first day and only one ended up being a trout while the rest were all largemouth bass.

Last year students hooked monster fish, however this year the smallies were quick to bite and the students took huge advantage of it. They learned fishing etiquette, catch and release tactics, fish identification, knot tying, and most importantly they learned fishing can be a great lifetime sport for all ages. Jake Purlee caught the most fish (12) and took home the prize hat and Rebeka Butler caught the largest fish (16 in. rainbow trout) and won a fishing rod holder.

  • School: High School
  • Date: September 2013