Many faculty memebers have not created a personal page for the new website. Please forgive them as they promise they will do it as soon as they have time.

Note: The list of faculity members on this page is from the old website, and therefore only faculty members who had a profile on the old website are listed on this page. (Faculty: If you are not listed, please add yourself.)


  • Jason Wirt , Principal
  • Tyson Tucker, Vice Principal

Counseling and Academic Advisement

  • Alexis Holland, Counselor
  • Marilyn Suda, Academic Dean/Gifted & Talented Coordinator
  • Cammie Knapp


Fine Arts

World Language

Health and Physical Education

  • Deana Burch
  • Andy Knapp
  • Jeff Nagel


Practical Arts


Social Studies

Title 1

  • Tina Moore
  • Sarah Windsor

Special Education

Technology & Library