Corvallis Middle School

The staff at Corvallis Middle School (CMS) is committed to providing a positive and safe environment, a challenging curriculum, and a series of specialized programs designed to meet the unique needs of young adolescents. Our staff sets high expectations for themselves and their students and is devoted to providing each child with an opportunity to achieve his/her full educational potential.

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CMS Vision

Vision for Teaching Excellence

To accomplish our mission, CMS teachers will strive to: a) establish a positive relationship with each child and b) motivate students to learn through rigorous and relevant lessons. This vision can be summarized by three words:

  • ~ Relationships
  • ~ Rigor
  • ~ Relevance

Expectations for Student Success

To accomplish our mission, all CMS students will be taught the importance of solid attendance, academic excellence, respect, and safety throughout their middle school years. These guidelines are organized around four basic expectations for student success:

  • ~ Be Here
  • ~ Be Safe
  • ~ Be Respectful
  • ~ Be Prepared

Belief in Collaboration

We believe that collaboration among the staff, students, parents, and community is an essential ingredient to our school’s success. We therefore strive to maintain a culture where:

  • ~ Staff members work as a team to do what is in the best interests of the students.
  • ~ Students feel a sense of community with their teachers, peers, and school.
  • ~ Parents and community members are welcome at school and actively involved.

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