Corvallis Primary School

The Corvallis Primary School is dedicated to providing a safe learning environment with a strong emphasis on academic excellence where children learn to be responsible individuals, partners in the community, and citizens of the world.

The Corvallis Primary staff strives to build a foundation for each child so that he/she will be encouraged and empowered as a learner.

CPS Belief Statements

We believe in promoting academic excellence. We believe in providing an environment which satisfies the needs of all students. We believe that through a love of learning, children will be empowered to recognize their gifts and use their strengths to maximize their own achievement. We believe that a child’s success in school is a result of a partnership between school, home, and community. We believe in providing a loving environment where children feel safe to make mistakes, learn from their mistakes, learn to relate effectively with others, learn to pursue individual excellence, and become confident and responsible adults.