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District Updates

21 May

Five Year Review

It has been an exceptional experience working with the capable employees in the Corvallis School District the past five years.(read more...)

Our School - What Our Staff/Students Say

  • I think Corvallis is a good school because the teachers will do anything for you, they're like family. They help you if your having trouble with a subject and will take the time to make sure you understand it.
    Kendra H, 8th Grade Student
  • My full-time adventures with the Corvallis School District began in the early 1980’s. Through my many positions besides teaching, it has been my privilege to work with all departments in the district. This district is the most outstanding, caring district anywhere. Each employee is devoted to doing his/her best to be sure our children are safe in a loving and accepting learning environment. Our teachers present amazing lessons in numerous ways in order to reach each child. I am especially proud of the tremendous growth in the use of technology in the district. Check out the Principal Reports at each Board Meeting and the weekly enews published by the Middle School to see for yourself the incredible learning going on in the Corvallis School District.
    Carole Openshaw, Middle School Technology Instructor, retired
  • Having taught in the Corvallis School District since 1994, I have seen many changes. From block scheduling, technology, innovative teaching strategies, building projects and the CCEC, Corvallis has always strived to be on the cutting edge of education and doing what is needed for the education of students. What a great place to work!
    Lynn Mason, HS Social Studies Teacher
  • Every day I come to school excited for the day ahead. I work with colleagues that are optimistic and professional and for an administration that is supportive and encouraging. I get to see students become confidant public speakers, find appreciation for literature, and discover their potential. It is an honor to be part of Corvallis school district.
    Doug McConnaha, HS English Teacher